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Put Your Smile Back In The Picture Again!

 Why Dr. Almeida Is Rated #1 With Her Caring Approach...Keep Your Teeth For A Lifetime!

Good Morning,

   This could be the most important letter you’ll ever read about the preservation of your healthy smile.  Please, read on now as I reveal to you some straight forward information on “how to keep your teeth for a lifetime.”

   Your dentist may have informed you about some startling facts surrounding your teeth and gums.  What you’re about to learn and the decisions you make could greatly impact the future of your existing teeth, gums, and overall good health.

Your Teeth Were Intended To Last You A Lifetime!

   As you may know, when we get older we usually begin to experience more problems with our teeth such as gum disease. It’s a known statistical fact that 3 out of 4 adults in some time of their life will experience Periodontal (gum) disease.

  Many people don’t realize periodontal (gum) disease is the  major cause of tooth loss in adults.  This disease attacks the gums, bone, and other supporting structures of the teeth.  If not properly treated it can even cause the loss of cavity free teeth.  If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs…

· Gums bleeding during daily tooth brushing

· Red, swollen, or tender gums

· Gums that have pulled away from your teeth

· Persistent bad breath

· Pus between the gums and teeth

· A change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite

· A change in the fit of partial dentures.  

  If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms your general dentist may refer you to a specialist, Dr. Deborah A. Almeida, for Periodontal disease treatment. 

                          Nothing But The Best Treatment For You…

  Your periodontal disease has progressed to the point where a specialist is now needed, but don’t worry!  Dr. Almeida has been recommended to work in cooperation with your family dentist. 

  Dr. Almeida is hands-down one of the best (if not the best) Periodontal Dentists on earth.  She’s so good, so sure of her caring and committed skills, that her patients actually rated her #1 in her caring approach.

  Based on a 2005 independent survey conducted by a local consulting firm, Dr. Almeida’s patients rated her caring and gentle periodontal dental approach as the #1 benefit they            experienced during their treatment. 

  You see, Dr. Almeida takes all her patients and their treatment procedures individually.  She also takes all her patients needs and treatment seriously (very seriously)! Plus, she flat-out   refuses to take any shortcuts or cut any corners just to hurry along the process or to make some extra money. 

“Where The Results Are Performed”

  Dr. Almeida understands the importance of each and every phase of your treatment and surgery.  Everything from where it’s performed to how it’s performed and in which specific cases it should be performed.  With her gentle caring approach you can look forward to… 

ü A glorious renewed personal confidence

ü Say hello to your “picture perfect” new smile

ü Chew and enjoy the foods you love more easily

ü Good-bye to the pain and discomfort you’ve been living with

ü Experience improvements in your overall good health

ü Keeping your natural teeth for a lifetime...and so much more! 

Why Have I Been Referred To Dr. Almeida?

   Trust!  Your dentist has come to know and trust the treatment and procedures performed by Dr. Almeida.  She’ll work hand-in-hand with your dentist to ensure that you’re receiving the   highest quality dental care.  The working relationship between Dr. Almeida and your dentist has already been established and is based on trust and a team approach.

   Your general dentist will know all the details about your treatment and procedures.  Frequent communication via reports and letters will be submitted with full explanations.    

“They always get a lot of correspondence from us”, Dr. Almeida.  

What Does This Mean To You?  

Working with your dentist Dr. Almeida will regularly discuss,

 · Your treatment

· What’s best for you

· What treatment is best for you — long term

· What treatment is best for you — financially  

  This team approach provides both doctors with the opportunity to share in your treatment and ongoing maintenance.  This methodology also enables Dr. Almeida to gather more vital input and information that will help to move you along in the healing process. 

Focused Care…

   You can expect the benefits of a highly trained periodontal specialist along with a dedicated staff.  Dr. Almeida and her staff only treat periodontal disease and related disorders.  Their specialized focus has allowed them to develop enormous  experience, knowledge, and success that will now help treat your specific needs.   

“We routinely treat these conditions, we always strive to deliver optimal results with the utmost concern for your pain-free care and comfort.”, Dr. Almeida 

   Along with the expertise of specialized focused care you get the dedication and commitment of one of the “top periodontal specialist in existence today!”  

Committed To Your Healthy Smile!

  All through your periodontal process you’ll be dealing with Dr. Almeida.  She’ll be your exclusive specialist and she will consult and treat you at every visit.

   Let me assure you! This is not your typical "factory type” dentistry where you don’t know from one visit to the next who your treating doctor is going to be. 

   On the contrary, you can be assured Dr. Almeida is in her office every day.  She’s doing the same thing she’s been doing for over 18 years.  And, she’s doing the same thing she plans on continuing to do, for many years to come.

   Dr. Almeida doesn’t want to just treat you for your periodontal disease and never see you again.  She wants you to become a member of her patient family, a part of her practice.   

Just Think…

  She wants you to feel pleased, proud, and elated with your periodontal experience and     progress. So much so that you’ll eagerly want to refer your spouse, your children, your family and friends to also be her patients if their   periodontal needs should arise.

  You can be assured that her   motivation is to do whatever it takes to get your healthy smile back to where it once was...that’s why she’ll see you all of the time.    

Our Strength...Your Benefit!

   One of the many great advantages to Dr. Almeida’s dental practice is the exclusive one-on-one treatment and dental experience you’ll receive. 

  Dr. Almeida spends a great amount of time getting to know her patients. She’s         particularly concerned with what you’re experiencing, your   pain, and your dental history.  She’ll take whatever time is necessary to get to know you and encourage you to candidly   discuss your oral health issues.  

  She is also committed to thoroughly explaining to you all the important issues such as…

 - What a periodontist does.

- What treatment options are available, NO un-necessary procedures!

- How you arrived at this point in your dental health.

- If surgery becomes an option — What you can expect.

- What follow-up procedures will be required.

- Full disclosure of all fees and available pay plans.

- Insurance plan options — We’ll handle all the details...

- Prevention procedures — She’ll give you all the answersGuide you on future prevention and monitor your progress

  “Nothing is left to be a shock.” She will go over every   detail and answer every question until you’re completely     satisfied and ready to move on with your treatment.

                                                              This Simple, But Most Important…

  Dr. Almeida has found and performed her dental practice on this important philosophy…  

I don’t practice Periodontics to sell you more….                                                                      

  I perform Periodontics to SERVE you More!

  Her office and staff strive to build a harmonious relationship that’s founded on mutual trust and respect.  And they’ve found that building your trust and relationship starts with…

ü Full explanations from screenings to maintenance check-ups

ü Personal attention focused on all your needs

ü Prompt appointments — no waiting

ü Worry-free flexible financial arrangements

ü Convenient appointments to fit your scheduling

ü Comfortable office setting, relaxing atmosphere

ü A friendly courteous staff — to serve you better

ü Friendly appointment reminders and follow-up calls  

We Know What Your #1 Concern Is!

  Dr. Almeida has been in this business long enough to know from personal experience what emotions most of her patients are experiencing.  Statistics show that most people who are going through a periodontal experience are uncomfortable and even down right frightened by the notion of a dental office.

  This is clearly understandable as Dr. Almeida well knows. Most of her patients who are going through this fear factor are really experiencing a “fear of the unknown.”  She specializes in taking care of the needs of those who are convinced that they fear the dentist more than anything else on earth.

  With Dr. Almeida’s approach it all starts with knowledge presented in her own unique and caring way.  This effort to educate her patients has proven to be an effective way to help alleviate the “fear factor.”   

  I was frightened by the many horror stories I heard from friends and co-workers.  I went with my dentist’s referral of Dr. Almeida.  Every procedure was very successful!  I’ve had no     complications and I’m indebted to Dr. Almeida for the smile I have now...

                                                                                                        D.A. Trombly—E. Freetown, MA

                                       “What Can I Expect At My First Visit?”

  Glad you asked! At your first visit we’ll ask you to fill out some simple easy forms that will provide us with very important  information so that we can get to know you better. 

  After your form filling session, which will be very brief, Dr. Almeida will meet with you in one of our “state of the art” operatory rooms.  There she will go over your records, x-rays (if you brought them) and dental history.  She’ll then do an examination screening that will entail several simple pain-less procedures.   

  All through this process Dr. Almeida will fully explain what she is doing and why.  A simple procedure she will do herself is called probing. This is something she does, unlike some other dentists who may leave the initial probing and exam procedures up to a dental hygienist. Then on completion, after the “dirty work” is done, they’ll gracefully make their presence known to you.

  Not so with Dr. Almeida!  She’s concerned and committed to your dental health. If she doesn’t do the exploratory examinations  herself how can she make honest effective          recommendations to her patients?     

  I use to dread going to the Dentist.  On the days of my appointments my anxiety levels would be extremely high.   Dr. Almeida and her winning team removed those feelings..  Going to the dentist now has a whole new feeling for me.  I know that I’m in good hands!

                                                                                                            M. Frey—New Bedford, MA

                                  In Your First Visit You’ll Learn…

  Upon completion of the initial exam and consultation you’ll learn 5 critical points of periodontal information…

· Why things may have happened to you.

· The underlying cause of your pain.

· What you can do to avoid future complications.

· What sort of treatment is best for you.

· Where do we go from here...    

  Dr. Almeida will discuss all your treatment options and make her recommendations.  She’ll be totally open with you and she look’s forward to your questions in response.  Remember there’s no such thing as an unimportant question, so please ask as many questions as you like.   

Options vs. No Options

  There are just too many times in life when some people are NOT willing to hold themselves accountable for their own actions.  Sometimes they just seek the easy way out...NOT SO with Dr. Almeida! Her mission is to explore all the options regarding your dental health.  This means trying everything to save your natural teeth vs. pulling teeth. 

  In the end your final treatment options will be determined by you, your family Dentist, and Dr. Almeida.  You’ll then begin to learn all the details of your up-coming operations and procedures.  

  A Healthy Smile Begins…

  A healthy smile begins with knowledge.  Dr. Almeida will explain to you a minimum of 3 times what you can expect in your up coming treatment.  All questions will be answered, no stone unturned! 

  The day you walk into the office for your first treatment procedure you’ll know up-front what to expect.  That little “fear factor” will be gone and the anxiety, concern, and doubt will be erased.

  Dr. Almeida and her professional staff will greet you by name. You’ll then be promptly brought into your awaiting operatory room.

  Prior to your arrival you can be assured this room was meticulously prepared; a totally sterilized operatory for your health and safety.

  Your assigned dental assistant’s first task will be to focus on you!  Your needs, and your comfort, in a calming atmosphere.    

If You’re Like Me…

   Do you enjoy listening to music?  Your dental assistant will help you make music selections that appeal to your tastes. Then once your settled in, comfortable, calm, and prepared Dr. Almeida will enter.

   As you’ve already come to learn her primary focus will be on you.  In a  “gentle and calming way” she’ll   concentrate her attention in putting you at ease.  Her gentle soothing voice will reassure you that "everything is going to be okay."

   All through your process and procedure you can be confident Dr. Almeida will explain your progress as she goes along. She’ll tell you what she’s trying to accomplish, as well as how the progress is going.  You’ll never feel hurried or rushed.

   Upon completion of your treatment as you arise from your procedure you may find yourself exclaiming “that wasn’t bad at—all!” As we smile in response thinking…”how many times have we heard that before?”

  Departing from your treatment you’ll have full confidence knowing that all your follow-up appointments and prescription medications will be already pre-arranged.  All the guess work will be non-existent!  Relaxed and assured, you’ll be well on your way to...“Putting Your Smile Back In The Picture Again!”

                                                                What To Do Now!

  Your next step is to call and schedule your consultation and initial exam.  Dr. Almeida needs to find out if you’re a candidate for her specialized treatment.  Even if your nervous or unsure about having periodontal treatment right away, go ahead and call her to schedule a free consultation immediately. 

  Now’s the time to call to explore all your options and get the straight answers to all your questions!      

(508) 636-6947

   My previous Periodontist didn’t really explain anything.  The talk was always about pulling teeth with no options to try and save them.  As soon as Dr. Almeida looked she felt there were other options to try first and that she would not be pulling any teeth until she had tried everything else to save them.

   Dr. Almeida explained everything in detail and answered any questions that I had.  I never felt rushed.    Dr. Almeida and her staff are gentle and caring.  It amazes me that with all of the work I’ve had done, I’ve never had any major pain or discomfort during or after surgeries.

   The concern they show for the patient is phenomenal.  The gentleness with which they do the work is exceptional!

                                                                                                                         J. Lally—Fairhaven, MA


  Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself about this one amazing Periodontist and her wonderful dental practice.  It can really change your life and get you “back in the picture again!”


Pauline Macedo                                                                                                                  Administrator

P.S.  Don’t put off that phone call any longer.  You have    nothing to fear because Dr. Almeida has some great news...You have options!  That phone number again is:   

(508) 636-6947

 P.S.S.— A personal message from Dr. Almeida..

   I’d like to thank you with all my heart for taking the time to read this long letter.  I apologize for the length but, I feel this letter is so important.  I needed to make sure we would get your attention and at the same time convey to you the importance of early intervention with regards to periodontal disease.

  Not only is early intervention and prevention crucial in preventing the loss of your natural teeth and “picture perfect smile”, but accumulating research now links periodontal disease to general health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease.  If your experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of periodontal disease as disclosed in this letter the time to call is now!  Please don’t put it off any longer. 

                                                                                                Deborah A. Almeida D.M.D.dralmeida31.cm2


































































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